Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Happy Fourth Birthday Penny!

Today our sweet and sassy girl turned four years old! She seems so grown up now when I think about how she was a three year old.  She has matured so much!  Penny is a smart and funny girl that knows what she wants.  And she is tough!  In the last year we spent  a lot of time with friends that are a family of boys.  Not only was she the only girl in the group, but she was the youngest.  She hung in there with the boys no problem!  Penny can do anything, as long as she is given the space to do it in her own time.  At first she was unsure of being a big sister, but now she loves Ellie with her whole heart.  At the beginning of the summer she was afraid to put her face in the water.  Now she can swim underwater! Her independence and stubbornness are teaching us daily lessons in humility and patience, though we can't help but admire her for it!

Penny started Pre-kindergarten this week, and she loves it!  That little brain of hers thrives on stimulation and I know she is going to learn tons this year!  Penny also loves to sing, dance, and make us laugh!  Her comic side has really blossomed this year.  Every evening before bed we have a ritual of Daddy, Mama, Cooper and Penny watching Sesame Street music videos on youtube.  Penny likes  the "Cecil Ball" songs, the "ladybug's picnic", and when Elmo sings with Adam Sandler.  Not only does she know all the words to all the songs we watch, but she can act them out and change the pitch and sound of her voice to mirror the character singing.  The best part is she does this solely to make us all laugh!  

Penny may run with the boys no problem, but she is still a girly-girl!  Her favorite color is pink, she flat out refuses to wear pants, and she is crazy for fairies, princesses, and her babies.  (This non-girly Mama has no clue where this comes from.) Penny loves "pink baby" now as much as she ever did, though quite often her growing collection of pigs join the fray.   Cooper is her all time best friend.  We know this because of how she always wants to be with him and because she says all the time, "Cooper is my best friend!"

We are proud of our girl and can't believe she is already four!  Lucky girl has had a busy birthday week!   Ma-Mas and Pa-Pa visited over the weekend and we celebrated with a little swim party on Saturday, where family friends Steve and Mary joined us for dinner and cupcakes.  Tuesday was Penny's first day of pre-kindergarten (In a new school, in a new town, without Cooper!) and today (Wednesday) was her actual birthday.  She got to wear a paper crown at school and her classmates sang "Happy Birthday," which she loved.  After school our family visited the Build-A-Bear workshop.  Penny and Cooper both had fun creating a "pink princess mermaid bear" for Penny and a princess lamb for Ellie. (Cooper just wanted a shirt for his bear at home.)  Later at home she got to open one more present (a Lego Movie lego set) and swim.

 The birthday girl in action... 

Blowing out the candles.
As requested, Mama made "pink strawberry Princess Peach cake."
Posing on her first day of Pre-K!
Penny at Build-A-Bear Workshop.
Playing at the mall.

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