Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Four Months Old!

We have reached the four month mark of having our Ellie with us!  This little baby is no slouch, having reached several milestones all in a month.  Not only can she roll over from her back to her tummy, she can push herself up on her arms and hold up her head!  Ellie will also play in the exersaucer for 10 to 15 minutes at a time, even if we have to snug her in there with blankets.  She also makes the "mmmmm" sound and Daddy swore she said "mama" the other day.  For Mom her biggest accomplishment is she is now sleeping through the night (most of the time)!  Ellie also celebrated her first Easter and got to meet many family members including Ma-mas' sisters Aunt Ida and Aunt Lisa and her brother-in-laws Uncle Barney and Uncle John.  

Pretty soon I am going to get on that crawling thing!
I like this new perspective!
Yesterday Ellie got a clean bill of health at her well baby check up and received three shots.  She only cried a little bit, though Mama felt like crying herself.  She weighed in at 13 pounds, 6 oz. and measured 24 inches long.  This puts her in the 34th and 26th percentiles, respectively.  I find this interesting because though she was much bigger than her brother and sister when she was born, she is in a lower percentile than both of them at this age.  However! We are extremely glad she is healthy and growing!

Fun at the park!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter at the Ranch

We celebrated Easter this year by spending the weekend at the ranch with members of Ma-mas' side of the family.  Ma-mas, Pa-Pa, and Uncle Clint were there, along with Aunt Ida and Uncle Barney and Aunt Lisa and Uncle John.  We all had a blast enjoying the outdoors, the weather, and all the great food.   Cooper and Penny had the most fun of course, as was evident when they took long naps on Saturday afternoon.  Ellie slept through a lot of her first Easter, but there were lots of extra hands to hold her when she was awake.  
All the girls go for a walk on Saturday morning.
Ellie plays in the pack-n-play on the porch.
Saturday night prep for Easter...dying eggs! Penny only wanted to make pink ones of course.  Cooper liked to make yellow ones, though he liked Pa-Pa's "john deere" egg of yellow and green.
Penny hunts eggs in her pjs, "lucky" hat, and of course those pink boots.
Penny and Pa-Pa discuss egg hunting.  This shot reminded me of a picture I took of these two on Penny's first Easter.
Cascarones (Confetti eggs)!!  Daddy demonstrated to the kids how to break the cascarones by smashing one on his head.  The kids then started smashing them on their own heads, instead of others' heads.  Funny how literal kids can be!
Elvis the dog photobombed the kids' Easter basket picture!
Yay for Ellie's first Easter!
Its as if this kid was born to be at the ranch.  His little self just shines when we are here.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April Catch-up

The month of April is proving to be just busy busy for us.  A few highlights of the month so far include a trip to visit our friends in Houston, complete with a visit to the Children's Museum.  Cooper and Penny also loved playing with Grayson's toys and radio flyer "roller coaster" toy. We also had a family day-turned-overnight trip to the Ranch.  Pa-pa's cousins were having a reunion at the ranch which was fun to be a part of.  Penny enjoyed showing and asking everyone if they liked her pink boots.  Cooper had fun running all OVER the place and took a particular liking to my uncle, or "Mr. Wally" as he called him.  

First up...Ellie!  This little baby is the picture of perfect behavior.  She still sleeps a lot during the day, which makes it easy for us to go and do!  On top of that, she has started sleeping through the night most nights, which sets up Mom to be in a fantastic mood!
Penny liked the water exhibit of the museum best.
I think Cooper did too!
Grayson, Penny and Cooper check things out.

And later, the Ranch...
Uncle Eric, Jocelyn, Penny, and Cooper play on the swing.
Actually got this stinker to turn around for a picture!
Ma-mas and Penny take a morning walk...Penny in her pjs and pink boots.
A boy and his jeep.
Ma-mas and Penny take a break.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Is it Just Me...

or do we have some good-looking kids??

Happy Spring Everyone!