Wednesday, January 22, 2014

One Month Old!

One month ago yesterday, Ellie entered the world and completed our family!  We think she is just the sweetest and we all adore her.  Cooper especially adores her and is constantly asking to hold her, kiss her, hug her and just watch her.  At one month of age, Ellie:
Taking a rest at the ranch.

  • weighs between 9.5 and 10 pounds (I don't have a scale small enough for a newborn) and is 22 inches long.
  • breastfeeds roughly every 3 hours during the day and roughly 3 to 6 hours at night.  Hiccups usually accompany a feed.
  • can sleep 5 to 6 hours at a time though we have intervals at night that are only 3 or 4 hours.  She can nap for an hour and a half at a time during the day.  She has a touch of reflux so she is sleeping in her bouncy seat for now, as laying flat can hurt her tummy.
  • is starting to make new sounds other than crying, though she rarely cries or fusses at all.  She can grunt, gurgle, and say "ah."
  • can sit in her swing or bouncy seat for 20 minutes or more and likes to lay on her playmat and watch the bright colors and animals on it.  She also likes the rainforest soother in her crib.  
  • has traveled to the lake house and the ranch and enjoyed visits from Nonnie, Ma-Mas, and our friends the Naisers and Bateys.  Both families have new babies right around Ellie's age...lifelong friends in the making!

Big stretch from a little girl!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Winter Ranchin'

 With little else to do this time of year, and good weather in the forecast, we decided to spend this past Saturday and Sunday at the ranch.  Daddy, Cooper, and Penny planned on camping out for the first time and all of us were anxious to spend some time outside.  The kids made the most of every moment...
It was a close race as to who had the most fun...
This happy guy gave his sister a run for her money in the fun department.
This little girl had so much fun ranching, swinging and charming the pants off her Ma-Mas, Pa-Pa, and Uncle Clint.
Cooper loved playing with Elvis!
Amused with gate fixing.
First night ever spent in a tent!  Cooper and Daddy had fun camping out!  Penny loved her new pink sleeping bag, but preferred to use it inside and on a bed. Mama and Ellie never made the attempt.
Oh!  And this sweet baby turned four weeks old and slept through most of her first trip to the ranch!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

First of the Year Firsts

Ellie's first bath!  I was happy that Ellie seemed to enjoy her first bath.  She only got upset when I took her out of the Cooper keeps reminding me, "Babies don't like to be naked!"
This big guy lost his first tooth!  We were having lunch at the mall when it happened, and he didn't mention it until later...we retraced our steps (at the mall!)  looking for it, but alas it was gone.  I helped him write the Tooth Fairy a note, asking nicely for her to bring him a prize anyway.  She did!  The Tooth Fairy left Cooper four "gold" one dollar coins.  He was so proud!
Penny has started "helping" me with Ellie.  When I sit in the nursery to rock and pat Ellie to sleep, Penny sits in the chair with us and rocks and pats her pig pillow.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Into the New Year

With the weather turning cold (and staying that way) and a new baby at home, we have been somewhat homebound for the last few weeks.  We had a wonderful holiday, even as we adjusted to life as a family of five.  This week we started back into our new rhythm of work, school, and now a newborn routine.  Thankfully Nonnie came on New Year's Day to help us make the transition.  And thankfully Ellie is SUCH a good baby!  I am happy to report that she is sleeping and eating well, gaining weight, and seemingly putting herself on a schedule!  And while on the subject of being thankful, THANKFULLY Cooper and Penny are loving their new baby sister!  We have had some really sweet moments of each one of them holding and loving on "Baby Ellie." While the last few weeks have been rather low-key, there have been some highlights:
Ellie turned two weeks old!
We even made a trip up to the lake for a weekend! It felt great to be in a new environment for a weekend.
All the kids are REALLY enjoying having Nonnie with us right now!
Mostly though we are staying warm and hunkered down.  Thank goodness for all our Christmas presents to keep us busy!