Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September is the Time For:

Beautiful evenings!
The weather is still crazy hot during the day, but here in the hill country the evenings feel wonderful!
We are so excited for football season to start!  We attended a watch party for the first Aggie game at a nearby outdoor family beer garden and had a blast!  Penny has asked to go back to "kid football."
  Two kids playing this year means practice twice a week and two games every Saturday.
We took an impromptu family trip to Dallas where we stayed in an AWESOME hotel that the kids loved!
This little mess is mobile and wreaking havoc all over the house!
(Did you notice the gorgeous quilt?  Nonnie MADE us a picnic quilt and brought it to us when she visited over Labor Day weekend.)
We enjoyed a visit from our friends the Morgans' and the Woods'.   The Morgans brought birthday presents for the kids. (Early for Cooper, late for Penny.)  They were a gigantic hit!

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