Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Wilds of Home

As we settle into our new habitat, we are having fun learning about some of the creatures we share it with.  One particular morning all we had to do was go out on the front porch for a quick entomology lesson.  Cooper is happy to identify walking sticks, praying mantises (manti?), daddy-long-legs, scorpions (shudder), ladybugs, a "big horned beetle,"  ants, and spiders. While some of the creatures I could do without (uh, black widow spider, scorpion) I appreciate the easy opportunity to teach the kids about nature!  As Pa-Pa said on his visit, "You can wear out a lot of boots living in a place like this."
An armadillo under the propane tank!
Our front porch is a popular hang out for all kinds of creepy-crawlies.  Here is the first Rhinoceros Beetle I have ever seen in person.  
BIG walking stick.  
The previous owners of our home left a deer feeder.  All we had to do was provide the corn and the deer show up in the early morning and evening.
We have seen tons of lizards, big and small.  For awhile a big alligator lizard lived by the front porch.  Cooper named her Lily.
A sleeping bear.  Its exhausting trying to skip your nap and sneak back from your brother's room...

Monday, June 23, 2014

Six Months Old!

For the summer solstice this year our little Ellie turned six months old!  She has continued to be a sweet and easy-going little baby, even through all the moving upheaval we have put her through in the last month.  We enjoy watching her play both with Cooper and Penny and by herself.  We also appreciate what a good sport she has been through moving, getting settled, and taking Cooper and Penny to their activities.  Everyone that meets her exclaims how sweet and beautiful she is!  We agree!

At six months Ellie:

  • Weighs 13 lbs, 14 oz and is 24.5 inches long. 
  • Still eats every 3 to 4 hours during the day and sometimes once in the middle of the night.  
  • Naps well, though not always on a schedule.  Poor third baby is a victim of her older siblings' schedule.  If we are out, she'll take a short nap in her carseat.  If we are home, she'll nap up to two hours.
  • Sleeps in her carseat!  Big girl learned how to sit up in her bouncy seat and needed something with shoulder straps!  (With all the craziness of settling in to our new home, we aren't risking bringing reflux into the picture just yet.)
  • Can't decide which tooth to get first!  She drools and teethes CONSTANTLY though nothing has poked through.  
  • Loves when other people talk or play with long as Mama is the one holding her.
  • Is trying to scoot!  She is an expert at rolling over and pushing up on her arms.  Sometimes she can get herself over to a toy she wants, sometimes she can't.
  • Will hang out for longer periods of time in the exersaucer.  She is getting pretty good at grabbing for things and putting them directly in her mouth.
  • Has gotten in the pool!  She likes the water, though won't have much to do with the baby float.  
  • Has tried rice cereal...and acts like a little baby bird when I am feeding her. She waits for the spoon with her mouth open, and if I am too slow, she lets out a little grunt.  Her brother and sister think this is hilarious. 
  • Has gotten to meet several people and already seems adjusted to her new surroundings.  Girl has no idea we just made an epic move.  
  • We haven't traveled really in the last month, but she did get to go furniture shopping with just Mom and Dad two days in a row while Nonnie kept her siblings.

Ready for her first swim!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Around the Town

Over the weekend our friends Jana and Ed came for a visit and we all headed into Boerne to check out the annual Berges Fest.  We all enjoyed the parade, German music and food, and shopping opportunities.  The kids really liked the throwing of candy at the parade, and the adults enjoyed one float handing out free beer. We also marveled at how pleasant the weather was for a mid-June afternoon.  We can't wait for the next town event!
Cooper watches and waits intently for the parade.  Both kids were nervous when the muskets were fired, but cheered up as each float threw candy for them.
This little one was a trooper, barely causing a fuss all day!
Eek!!!  Cooper and Penny got to "pet the animals" and we were amused to learn that Penny liked the snake the best! (Cooper wouldn't go near it.)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Settling In...We Heart Boerne!

Hello!  With just over a week under our belt as Hill Country citizens, we finally have a chance to stop and breathe in a deep, cedar-scented breath!  As anyone can imagine, relocating a family of two adults, two boisterous kids, one teething baby, and two dogs is no small feat.  Yet here we are!  On May 31st, Daddy, Cooper, and Ralph the dog left EARLY in the morning in order to meet the moving truck at our new home.  Mama, Penny, Ellie, and Brewster followed, arriving just two hours after the guys.  That first day was busy and has only slightly become less so since.  We have been consumed with unpacking and all the other steps it takes to move.  Setting up services, overseeing work being done and shopping for things we need, to name a few.  

We have also already had visitors!  Our friend Sara came that first Sunday and helped us with our kitchen unpacking.  Then Uncle Clint came over a few days later for dinner and swimming.  Nonnie arrived last Wednesday and helped A LOT with unpacking and kid entertainment.  Then on Thursday we got a surprise visit from Ma-Mas and Aunt Ida on their way to San Angelo! We spend the days working, working, working, but our evenings consist of enjoying our new surroundings, namely the pool and the view.  We still have lots to do before we are completely "moved in" but we are oh so happy to be here!  What a fabulous place to spend the summer and start the next chapter of our lives!

(Disclaimer:  Picture-taking has NOT been on the docket over the last week...these are what I have managed.)

Ralph is really enjoying the beach entry to the pool, or as we have dubbed it just for him, "the old guy entry."
We needed some refreshment after a half-day shopping trip into San Antonio.
Not one single room in the house is completely put together.  Its probably not surprising that Miss Penny's room is the closest. Or that the two little girls in the house are the only ones with real beds.  No matter, we crash just as easily onto a mattress on the floor, with all that we are doing during the day!
We took time out to venture into Boerne, take a walk in the park, and visit the ducks.
After a day's work, we have to keep pinching ourselves that this is how we get to unwind.