Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winter Ranchin'...2016

Apparently we like to go the ranch in January.  Right before I posted this I realized this is the fifth year in a row I have posted about a ranch trip in January. We had a family tradition going on here and didn't even realize it! We just hadn't been to the ranch in awhile and just felt like going.  The little jeep was the name of the game this trip, as ALL THREE kiddos took turns driving.  This was big because Penny has never wanted to drive before, always preferring Coop to chauffeur her around.  However, once Ellie took an interest in driving, Penny was not to be out done!

Girls on the go.
Look who thinks she can drive!!
Love this face.  That is all.
This old pro is getting a bit big...
The other ranch tradition...playing in the dirt.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy 2016!

Christmas 2015 did not disappoint!  We had lots of guests, gifts, friends, family, food, and fun in our house!  Ma-Mas, Pa-Pa, and Uncle Clint joined us for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and Nonnie came to visit the day after Christmas.  Our break from school and work flew by because we were in constant motion! After Nonnie's visit we weren't done!  Our friends the Naisers joined us to watch the Aggies play their bowl game (disappointing, of course) before we all headed out on New Year's Eve Day to go to the N-Cinco Ranch!  It was cold but so nice to get away, be outdoors, and decompress after the holidays.

Just one of our activities over the holidays...We also shopped, went to the movies, attended neighborhood holiday parties, played outside (Thank you El Nino for so far a mild winter), and vegged out to countless Christmas movies on DVR.  
Mornings on the porch.
Santa came!  (And so did the kids.)  Penny and Ellie were THRILLED with the Barbie Dreamhouse, Mom not so much with the fights that ensued.  Cooper couldn't believe he got his very own Red Ryder BB gun, golf club and ball retriever. 
Feeling festive and getting into big sister's new markers...
 Christmas night.
The guys played darts in the garage, the kids played with their new toys, and Ma-Mas and Mom just RELAXED.  
Nonnie came after Christmas and took this rare shot of all five of us in one spot. 
Penny hams it up at the ranch.
These two outdoorsmen had the most fun out of anyone.
Nine days apart but on the exact same page.