Monday, July 25, 2011

Through the Month of July

We have had yet another fun and active summer month!  We have spent lots of time involving various bodies of water, which is the only comfortable thing you can do in July!  Some activities of note this month included swimming lessons for Cooper, outings on the boat, beach time, and a quick vacation to the Comal River.  We still have a week left of the month, and we are going out with a bang!  Up this week is a trip to the aquarium, a night out for David and I for the annual CCGS fishing tournament shrimp boil, and a trip to Houston to Visit Nonnie.  See you in August, but first, a few images from our month:

Down Time at Home:
Coop wants to fly!
What kid doesn't love bath time?

Out on the Boat:
Shark attack!
Water baby!
With our friend Becky.
Comal River/New Braunfels Trip:
(boo, we forgot our waterproof camera, so we missed the really good shots)

Riding the Train at Landa Park
Silly girl had so much fun on vacation!

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Window into a "Typical" Day

Several months back, I posted on what a "typical" day is like for us.  While our daily routine has changed with Penny's age and increasing independence, we are still ourselves!  Here is a tiny excerpt in our daily life between the essential events (meals, naps, baths, errands, housework, mini DIY projects).

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Few More Firsts

Penny's first trip to the beach.
Penny's first Fourth of July.
Penny's first impersonation of a monkey...HA!  Penny has been climbing up on things for weeks!