Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Remembering the Quiet Moments

Every now and then we like to slow down the pace and hang out at home, just us four.  Thanks to great weather, we spent a big chunk of our last weekend at home outside. Daddy put in a flower bed (with Mama's brick and dirt hauling help), and the kids played and played.  The only reason they didn't get sunburned is because they were under the deck digging in the dirt, out of the sun.  Mama finished painting the master bedroom, caught up on housework and laundry, cooked, and read a book.  After naps we went to the park and took the kids to get ice cream. We were never in a hurry or worried about the time. It was glorious to get some projects behind us, be outdoors in the sunshine, and just relax. Summer is coming, and with that will be plans, plans, and more plans.  Trips out of town will be abundant and there will be lots to do. We will enjoy every moment of the busyness, but we need to remember to plan for and enjoy our quiet moments too.  
Penny, Cooper, and Brewster explore the "tunnel" at the park near our house.
Cooper helps Daddy load up gardening supplies.
Cooper stops to smell the tomatoes.  
Penny worked hard in the sandbox.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Trike-A-Thon At School

 Every spring the preschool the kids attend has participated in the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital Trike-A-Thon.  Cooper loves this because he gets to bring his tricycle to school. (How cool is that??)  This was Penny's first year to participate; as in, this is the first year she was old enough!  I don't think she was very sure of what to make of the whole thing, but she seemed very proud to have her trike and new pink helmet at school.  A cold front blew in yesterday, so it was unseasonably chilly for the event.  Luckily Penny's class did their ride inside and Mama only had to stand outside shivering to watch one kid ride instead of two.
Penny rounds the circle during the Trike-A-Thon.
After her class's turn was over, Penny takes a rest with her classmates.  She was NOT happy when I left.  She thought since I came back to school it was to take her home.  

After the little kids' race, the bigger kids lined up for their ride around the school parking lot.
Go Cooper Go!  Cooper made 21 laps around...the second most in his class.  More importantly, he had a blast and it was for a good cause!

Monday, April 15, 2013

If Only Every Day Could Be a...

Train Day!
Cooper and Penny wait for the train at Brackenridge Park.
Cooper is excited to ride the train with Pa-Pa, Ma-Mas, and Uncle Clint.
Penny was a little under the weather and sat with Mama and Daddy.

Zoo Day!
Coop and Uncle Clint scope out the animals.
Cooper contemplates the giant hippo.
Penny relaxes with popcorn in the overpriced (yet worth every cent) stroller rental.
Family Day!
We had a fun weekend staying at the lake, going to the zoo with family, and seeing our cousins at a family party.  Uncle Clint stayed with us at the lake on Saturday night, and Ma-mas and Pa-Pa came by for a visit on Sunday morning.  It was hard to end the weekend and go home!
Ma-mas and the kids look for good skippin' rocks the next morning at the lake. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Time Freeze Please...Cooper is Growing Up!

We spent the past weekend with friends at the lake.  We were around little babies and from that and the few pictures I took all I could take away was that our kiddos have grown so much!  Cooper in particular has left behind any semblance of a baby or toddler.  It is almost shocking when we go back and look at old pictures of him from even a year ago.  The way he is today seems like the way he has always been.
Out and about with friends near the lake.  
We found a tractor to ride!  Tractors are second only to trains.
I was struck how BIG he looks next to these cute babies!