Friday, June 24, 2016


Happy Summer!  Since school let out, we haven't really slowed down.  It took over a week before anybody could sleep in past 6:30 a.m. and I admit we had a bit of an adjustment period.  Everybody had to remember how to be around each other all. day. long.  There were lots of squabbles over toys and space while Mom concentrated on not losing her marbles the first week!  We kept finding fun things to do and everybody was so tired all three kids have been taking afternoon naps.  All the swimming, enjoying being at home, visits from Ma-Mas and Pa-Pa, and finding things to do around Boerne has been fun but taxing.   It hasn't been difficult staying un-bored, but remembering my camera has been!  (Thank goodness for the iPhone.)  A recap from the last three weeks:

The day after the last day of school.  Just hangin' at home.  
Just a few days in...bowling birthday party!
Bowling Alley game room.
So far, LOTS of time in the pool.  We swim almost every evening which has helped us find our rhythm to enjoy peaceful (mostly) days at home.
Bumming around Boerne.
Our friends the Eggers visited and we hit up Boerne Market Days.  Here is my shout-out for Ellie...this little one is a trooper!  She manages all the running around, the heat, and the loose schedule with ease.
Cooper and Penny did a round of swim lessons.  Penny got over her fear of the diving board!
THIS girl earned a "girl only" shopping/lunch date with Mom.  We hit Penny's favorite spots... TJ Max, Target, and Chick-Fil-A.  (Love her!!!)
Cooper performs in a skit at the Cibolo Nature Center.  Both Coop and Penny attended day camp for a week and had a blast!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

First Day/Last Day 2016

FINALLY!  The last day of school is here!  Cooper had a great year in first grade, and Penny did awesome in kindergarten!  Both of them grew a lot, learned A LOT, and changed a little. Bring on summer, second grade and first grade!
First Day of School, August 24, 2015
Last Day of School, June 2, 2016.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wrapping it Up in May

I wish I could keep up the former frequency of blog posts, but I just find that harder and harder to do as the kids get older and their activities increase.  As the school year comes to an end (Five more days!!!), so do a lot of the extracurriculars.  (Soccer, Dance, Cub Scouts, and Girl Scouts...all DONE until the fall.) The last month has gone fast, so that must mean we are having fun.  We are, but we are also looking forward to the less structured, carefree days of summer.  Hopefully then I can find time to continue documenting these three growing up!  A few things of note from the last month:
Penny and her fellow Daisy Girl Scout sold enough cookies to earn a trip to the zoo.  They also got to ride the train, the carousel, go in the butterfly house, and have ice cream!  Penny had so much fun! Also, in her first year in Girl Scouts she earned all her Daisy petals!  One more year of Daisies before becoming a Brownie!
Cooper had a big year in Cub Scouts!  He loved it!  Also, Daddy was the den leader this year which really made it an awesome experience for him.  Cooper earned his Tiger badge and Daddy got to be the one to pin it on!
And then this little bundle of sweetness.  Ellie is now two and a half and she just keeps growing and changing!  She talks a blue streak now and we just love listening to that sweet voice!  She is finishing up her first year at preschool, which she loves.  On Mondays and Fridays, the days she doesn't go to school, she asks to go and cries when I have to tell her it isn't a school day!  
We did manage to sneak in some lake time with all the goings-on around here!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Though we have had a mild winter, it feels as if it would NEVER go away!  Finally the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming!  We are staying busy with school, soccer, dance, girl scouts,  and cub scouts so the time is slipping by.  More and more we are outside enjoying our yard and pining now for summer...

April 1st.
Crazy little hail storm one day after one of the warmer days of the year so far.  Gotta love spring in Texas.
Kids enjoying the outdoors one warm evening.
The baby chicks are growing!  They have been enjoying some free-range practice in the evenings when the weather is nice.  We have eight chicks in all, though two are being raised for a friend.   We expect to have 13 laying hens by July. 
Penny enjoys the bluebonnets on her recent Girl Scout camping trip to Kerrville-Schreiner Park.
Our rose bush in bloom!
Bluebonnets in our backyard.  We have three times as many as we did last year!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Easter at the Ranch 2016

The tradition of a Graham Ranch Easter continues!  Lots and lots of Ma-mas's family joined us for a weekend of being together, typical ranch activities ("hay" ride, fires, good food, tent camping) and Easter events.   Cooper, Penny, and Ellie had several other kids to run around with and everyone had a blast!  
Hey!  Who's driving???
Ellie uses the bug box as her "purse."
Happy girl plays with the bubble machine.
Penny, Ellie, Caden, and Cooper dye Easter eggs.
Ellie held her own against the big kids in the Easter Egg hunt. Her basket was just as full!  
Cooper got a little bit competitive.
Penny finds an egg hidden in  a tree.
Obligatory after the hunt shot.
What did you get??
Ellie enjoyed the giant marshmallow filled eggs.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring Break 2016

The first part of the week was spent in Corpus Christi.  Pa-Pa heated the pool so the kids just swam and swam.
Such a little fish!
Penny LOVES the pool!
After Corpus Christi and few quiet days at home, we traveled to Houston to visit Nonnie.  The kids had fun at the neighborhood park.
They ran themselves ragged!
A great shot of Coop!  You have to catch him, as he is in that funny stage where they try a little too hard to smile for the camera.
As if park, Nonnie, and cousin time wasn't enough...the kids had fun on the slip-n-slide.
Sweet Ellie.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Girl Scouting with Penny

This past fall Penny became a Daisy Girl Scout and she is having so much fun!  Mom loves it because Girl Scouts is something that she gets to enjoy one-on-one with her biggest girl!  We have done LOTS with her troop so far.  Penny loves to "do activities" at the meetings with her fellow Daisy which involve crafts and games that center around a character building lesson.  We have also helped with a holiday service project of wrapping toys for children in need, attended a day camp, attended the Christmas Party and gone camping.  Penny has also really enjoyed selling cookies and has really worked to meet her goal of 100 boxes.  Ellie and Cooper both have enjoyed joining us on golf cart rides around the neighborhood selling and delivering cookies.  Penny is enjoying being a part of girl scouts so much I felt it needed a shout out...
Penny on her first Girl Scout camp at La Jita Girl Scout Camp.
Painting her ceramic Christmas tree at the Girl Scout Christmas Party.
First night on our February camping was so cold that she earned her Penguin patch!  (Camping in temperatures below 32 degrees.)
The first activity while camping was archery.  Penny was really proud of her shot to the teeth of the zombie target.  (Seriously, I have no idea why zombies are an appropriate archery target at a camp for little girls.  But, I digress.)
Lunch time selfie!
Penny at the storybook tree.  
And the pinnacle of the trip...horseback riding!!!!!  This was Penny's FAVORITE part of the whole trip.  We may be at the beginning of a little girl horse obsession...