Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween 2016!!  

The Scarecrow, Pinkalicious, and one uncooperative Peppa Pig.
Cooper and Penny are old pros at this Halloween thing by now!  They had a ton of fun visiting some friends, eating out, then hitting up a nearby neighborhood for some trick-or-treating!  
Peppa Pig needed some prompting to get into the spirit of Halloween.
A little candy was just the ticket!
Ellie really had fun for her third Halloween.  She insisted on carrying her own treat bag and walking the whole way while we trick-or-treated.  After every house she would exclaim, "I got one Mommy!" (Except at one house, where the candy bowl was left unattended on a porch.  We said several times to take just one.  Ellie came running back yelling, "I got TWO Mommy!"

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cooper's 8th Birthday!

We just celebrated Cooper's EIGHTH birthday!  That's right, his eighth.  This sweet guy is just the best!  On October 4th, his actual birthday, Cooper was treated to his name on the marquee at school, cupcakes at cub scouts, and presents at home.  On the following Saturday we celebrated some more with a pool party at home.  The Naisers, Ma-mas and Pa-Pa, and many friends from school came over to join the fun.  Coop is absolutely wild about Angry Birds right now, so that was the theme of the party.  He also received Angry Birds Legos as gifts, amongst other things.  All in all we had a great week celebrating our big guy!

Cooper was surprised and thrilled to see this at school when he was dropped off in the morning.  
The first of the party pics...Cupcakes!
Boys have important things to discuss.
Bad Piggies...
After swimming and cake, Cooper took his friends on a tour which included showing them the chicken coop and playing on the playground.
Angry Birds!
More Angry Birds!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Penny's Sixth Birthday!

 Yesterday we were happy to celebrate Penny's sixth birthday!  We enjoyed a visit from Nonnie and a swim party to help make Penny feel special on her day. Ma-Mas, Pa-Pa, our family of five, and five of Penny's friends came over to swim, make princess crowns, eat cupcakes and open gifts.  It was so much fun and Penny was so happy!
The spread...we are ready for this princess swim party to start!
She's ready!  Here she is making her "princess face."
Our swimming princess.
Penny and friends make their own crowns!
Group shot of all the princesses!
Group one photo bomber.
I think she had fun.
Blow out the candles and make a wish!
Girls just keep on having fun!
 Such a fun day!  After the party we all relaxed but we weren't done!  After dinner Penny got to open more presents from Mom and Dad and all the kids played with the new toys until bedtime.

Monday, August 22, 2016

And That's a Wrap!

We tried our best to make the most of  our last month of summer, cramming in every fun thing we could think of.  We spent our time both at and away from home.  Penny took a dance class, giving Mom some extra time with Ellie and Cooper.  We went to the movies and saw "Pete's Dragon." We enjoyed visits from both the Bateys and the Caskeys.  We visited the Frio River, Corpus Christi, Port Aransas and Fredericksburg.  We were treated to an afternoon at the JW Marriott on our very last day before school started.  Overall we  have had a great summer, but we are ready to get back to school!

Penny is ready for her dance class!
Ellie is happy to be wearing a headband like her big sister!

Ellie and Delite enjoy some pool time during the Batey's visit.
River Girls!
Cooper LOVES to jump off the pool waterfall at Ma-mas and Pa-Pa's house!
Cooper enjoys some reflective time at the beach.
Girls' Day in Fredericksburg! Of course we had to visit Dooley's!

Monday, August 1, 2016


Just a few of our activities during the heart of summer.  We hope to fit in some more fun before we (sniff) go back to school in three weeks.

Fireworks on the Fourth!
Canyon Lake with friends.
The Do-Seum!
Canyon Lake with friends (again).
Five Mile Dam Park with friends.
Movies!  We saw "The Secret Life of Pets."
Hanging around at the "duck park."

Friday, June 24, 2016


Happy Summer!  Since school let out, we haven't really slowed down.  It took over a week before anybody could sleep in past 6:30 a.m. and I admit we had a bit of an adjustment period.  Everybody had to remember how to be around each other all. day. long.  There were lots of squabbles over toys and space while Mom concentrated on not losing her marbles the first week!  We kept finding fun things to do and everybody was so tired all three kids have been taking afternoon naps.  All the swimming, enjoying being at home, visits from Ma-Mas and Pa-Pa, and finding things to do around Boerne has been fun but taxing.   It hasn't been difficult staying un-bored, but remembering my camera has been!  (Thank goodness for the iPhone.)  A recap from the last three weeks:

The day after the last day of school.  Just hangin' at home.  
Just a few days in...bowling birthday party!
Bowling Alley game room.
So far, LOTS of time in the pool.  We swim almost every evening which has helped us find our rhythm to enjoy peaceful (mostly) days at home.
Bumming around Boerne.
Our friends the Eggers visited and we hit up Boerne Market Days.  Here is my shout-out for Ellie...this little one is a trooper!  She manages all the running around, the heat, and the loose schedule with ease.
Cooper and Penny did a round of swim lessons.  Penny got over her fear of the diving board!
THIS girl earned a "girl only" shopping/lunch date with Mom.  We hit Penny's favorite spots... TJ Max, Target, and Chick-Fil-A.  (Love her!!!)
Cooper performs in a skit at the Cibolo Nature Center.  Both Coop and Penny attended day camp for a week and had a blast!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

First Day/Last Day 2016

FINALLY!  The last day of school is here!  Cooper had a great year in first grade, and Penny did awesome in kindergarten!  Both of them grew a lot, learned A LOT, and changed a little. Bring on summer, second grade and first grade!
First Day of School, August 24, 2015
Last Day of School, June 2, 2016.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wrapping it Up in May

I wish I could keep up the former frequency of blog posts, but I just find that harder and harder to do as the kids get older and their activities increase.  As the school year comes to an end (Five more days!!!), so do a lot of the extracurriculars.  (Soccer, Dance, Cub Scouts, and Girl Scouts...all DONE until the fall.) The last month has gone fast, so that must mean we are having fun.  We are, but we are also looking forward to the less structured, carefree days of summer.  Hopefully then I can find time to continue documenting these three growing up!  A few things of note from the last month:
Penny and her fellow Daisy Girl Scout sold enough cookies to earn a trip to the zoo.  They also got to ride the train, the carousel, go in the butterfly house, and have ice cream!  Penny had so much fun! Also, in her first year in Girl Scouts she earned all her Daisy petals!  One more year of Daisies before becoming a Brownie!
Cooper had a big year in Cub Scouts!  He loved it!  Also, Daddy was the den leader this year which really made it an awesome experience for him.  Cooper earned his Tiger badge and Daddy got to be the one to pin it on!
And then this little bundle of sweetness.  Ellie is now two and a half and she just keeps growing and changing!  She talks a blue streak now and we just love listening to that sweet voice!  She is finishing up her first year at preschool, which she loves.  On Mondays and Fridays, the days she doesn't go to school, she asks to go and cries when I have to tell her it isn't a school day!  
We did manage to sneak in some lake time with all the goings-on around here!