Friday, February 19, 2016

Girl Scouting with Penny

This past fall Penny became a Daisy Girl Scout and she is having so much fun!  Mom loves it because Girl Scouts is something that she gets to enjoy one-on-one with her biggest girl!  We have done LOTS with her troop so far.  Penny loves to "do activities" at the meetings with her fellow Daisy which involve crafts and games that center around a character building lesson.  We have also helped with a holiday service project of wrapping toys for children in need, attended a day camp, attended the Christmas Party and gone camping.  Penny has also really enjoyed selling cookies and has really worked to meet her goal of 100 boxes.  Ellie and Cooper both have enjoyed joining us on golf cart rides around the neighborhood selling and delivering cookies.  Penny is enjoying being a part of girl scouts so much I felt it needed a shout out...
Penny on her first Girl Scout camp at La Jita Girl Scout Camp.
Painting her ceramic Christmas tree at the Girl Scout Christmas Party.
First night on our February camping was so cold that she earned her Penguin patch!  (Camping in temperatures below 32 degrees.)
The first activity while camping was archery.  Penny was really proud of her shot to the teeth of the zombie target.  (Seriously, I have no idea why zombies are an appropriate archery target at a camp for little girls.  But, I digress.)
Lunch time selfie!
Penny at the storybook tree.  
And the pinnacle of the trip...horseback riding!!!!!  This was Penny's FAVORITE part of the whole trip.  We may be at the beginning of a little girl horse obsession...