Monday, August 25, 2014

Kindergarten Coop!

Cooper on his first day of Kindergarten.
A rite of passage occurred today...both for Cooper and the parents.  Cooper went to kindergarten! (And this stay-at-home-mom lost one reason to stay at home.) When I left him in his classroom, Cooper was all smiles.  I could tell he was a little bit nervous but was trying hard to be brave.  We are so proud of him and we know that he is going to have a great school year! When Cooper was born this day seemed so far away that it couldn't be real.  Now here we are! It really only seems like just the other day...

Brand new Baby Cooper!
Cooper at 17 months...his first "school" picture.
Cooper on his first day of Pre-K.
It's hard to believe that was just last fall.
****Our first day went well!  I couldn't get him picked up after school fast enough! Cooper was full of smiles and chatter about his day!  The only caveat was that he said he couldn't open his pudding at lunch and that he just wanted to eat it at home.  (That is Cooper-speak for "I was too shy to ask for help.")****

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