Thursday, July 10, 2014

Friends & Family For the Fourth

We had a pool party for the Fourth of July!  Our friends the Eggers came for a long weekend visit and "the cousins" joined us for the Fourth festivities.  It was a perfect way to celebrate our country's birthday...swimming and margaritas in the backyard, burgers and banana pudding for dinner, and fireworks on the front porch.  The only caveat was a big rainstorm that blew through right at dark.  It knocked out the power for two hours, but we did enjoy watching the rain!  We had planned to go to Boerne city park to watch the fireworks but didn't because of the rain.  To our complete surprise and enjoyment, we could see them from our house!  Monday was a tough day as we all needed to recover!

Pool party! The most people we have had swimming at once so far.
Even Ellie got in the water!
This little guy never stopped the whole weekend!
Look who decided she can sit up by herself?
Brewster LOVED all the attention from the kids and went WILD!

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