Thursday, May 15, 2014

A New View

Evening view we have enjoyed for 4+ years. 
Soon our family history will be marked by a major event.  An event not quite as large as the birth of each child, but prominent just the same.  In a few weeks, we will be moving away from the coast to live in the Texas Hill Country.  The Hill Country has been calling to us for some time now, and we are finally at a place where we can act!  We have many fond memories of our time here...I grew up here, David and I married here, and each of our sweet kids were born here.   All of these events were coupled with great friends and family whom we are sad to move away from.  After over 10 years and three different houses later we are excited to embark on a new adventure and fulfill part of a dream!  It feels for David and I as if we are hitting the "reboot" button on our life and we are excited to continue raising our kids in such a beautiful place! 

Our new view!  How could we resist?

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