Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Little Jumping Bunny!

Cooper and I are involved in a program this summer called Jumping Bunnies. Mostly it consists of Cooper getting to run around and play on all the gymnastics equipment at the athletic club. He loves going, and I love the 3 hour nap that usually follows! Some of Cooper's friends from school and the music class we took last fall come also, which adds to the fun. Here are some video clips of him trying out all equipment.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer is Here!

Welcome Summer!!!

We love this time of year anyway, but this year we are even more excited for the onset of the FUN season.  We started the season by moving.  Our little house, while sweet, was just too small for our growing family.  We have relocated across the Harbor Bridge to a bigger house.  Our new house is complete with a spectacular view of Nueces Bay, a sun room, and a pool!  Just in time for the hot weather!  Cooper loves the water, and is already showing that he is a natural swimmer.

Life is a still hectic, as we try to get settled into the new house AND get ready for our baby girl due in early September.  I have made the transition to stay-at-home-mom status and I love it!   I am on the cusp of the 3rd trimester, so my energy levels are starting to wane just a bit.  With the energy I do have, I am taking on various home projects because I know I won't have the time once the baby comes.  In between unpacking boxes, painting 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, and figuring out what we still need for the baby, Cooper and I are enjoying various summer activities.

Cooper is still having a blast at Mother's Day Out twice a week, which gives me a chance to run errands without him.  On Wednesdays we meet our old neighbors (and friends) for a play date, and we have just started an activity called Jumping Bunnies for our Fridays.  Jumping Bunnies is where we can go to the CC Athletic Club so Cooper can jump around and play on all the gymnastics equipment.  He LOVES it!  We also plan on squeezing in a two-week session of swimming lessons sometime this summer as well.