Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween 2016!!  

The Scarecrow, Pinkalicious, and one uncooperative Peppa Pig.
Cooper and Penny are old pros at this Halloween thing by now!  They had a ton of fun visiting some friends, eating out, then hitting up a nearby neighborhood for some trick-or-treating!  
Peppa Pig needed some prompting to get into the spirit of Halloween.
A little candy was just the ticket!
Ellie really had fun for her third Halloween.  She insisted on carrying her own treat bag and walking the whole way while we trick-or-treated.  After every house she would exclaim, "I got one Mommy!" (Except at one house, where the candy bowl was left unattended on a porch.  We said several times to take just one.  Ellie came running back yelling, "I got TWO Mommy!"

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cooper's 8th Birthday!

We just celebrated Cooper's EIGHTH birthday!  That's right, his eighth.  This sweet guy is just the best!  On October 4th, his actual birthday, Cooper was treated to his name on the marquee at school, cupcakes at cub scouts, and presents at home.  On the following Saturday we celebrated some more with a pool party at home.  The Naisers, Ma-mas and Pa-Pa, and many friends from school came over to join the fun.  Coop is absolutely wild about Angry Birds right now, so that was the theme of the party.  He also received Angry Birds Legos as gifts, amongst other things.  All in all we had a great week celebrating our big guy!

Cooper was surprised and thrilled to see this at school when he was dropped off in the morning.  
The first of the party pics...Cupcakes!
Boys have important things to discuss.
Bad Piggies...
After swimming and cake, Cooper took his friends on a tour which included showing them the chicken coop and playing on the playground.
Angry Birds!
More Angry Birds!