Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bugs and Bernie

This week our house was being treated for termites, so Mom, Dad, Cooper, and our pets Ralph, Dooley, and Bernie all had to stay over at Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was a little crazy for four adults, one baby, three dogs, and three cats to all hang out together in one house, but it was fun! Mom got to enjoy Grandma's company, as in we got to TALK without a baby around to distract us. (We enjoyed a glass of wine and a skinny cow after Cooper went to sleep.) Dad and Grandpa played pool, and Cooper got to stay up a little past his bed time and he slept better than he does at home (naturally).
While we are glad to be back in our own house again, we are a little sad...while we were at Grandma's, our kitty cat Bernie ran away! She was hanging out in Grandma's backyard with our dogs (just like she does at home) and for some reason decided to leave! We have called the lost pet hotline, talked to the neighbors, and put up signs, but she hasn't shown up yet! I hope she comes back soon...Cooper loves her!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blogger is ANNOYING!

Please excuse how the previous two blogs look...blogger is a terrible program that has a bunk preview function. While in preview mode my postings look good, as in, the picture descriptions are next to the pictures they are describing. When I go to post, that is not the case. I have already wasted too much of Cooper's nap time to try and figure out how and why this is happening to my posts all of a sudden.
(Ok I vented, and I feel better.)

Two Weeks of Family Fun

I know I haven't blogged in a little while...but we have been busy with a capital B! In the last two weeks, in the middle of remodeling our living room, it has been a family affair! We have traveled to attend a family reunion and a wedding. Two weekends ago we went to Fredericksburg to see Grandma's side of the family, the Arhelgers. Cooper got to meet several cousins, aunts and uncles that he had never met! He also got to eat at the Auslander with Uncle Clint, shop a little around Fredericksburg, and swim at the hotel pool. (Most of the family camped...but there was NO WAY we were going to camp in the heat with a 9 month old!)
Having breakfast at "The Hanger" the morning of the reunion

This past weekend we traveled to the lake for two reasons. One, to visit Nonnie and Papa Kirk, and two, to attend my cousin (Graham side) Leah's wedding in San Antonio. Cooper had fun playing with Nonnie and Papa and the different toys (than from home) that we have at the lake. On Saturday afternoon, after a frantic search for Dad's wedding ring (we found it), we drove into San Antonio for Leah's wedding. The wedding and bride were both gorgeous and Cooper was an angel during the ceremony...until he caught sight of Grandma sitting two rows behind us! Then he thought it was funny to giggle and make faces at Grandma and my other cousin's husband sitting behind us! Luckily the ceremony didn't take very long!
Our little family ready for the wedding

Graham great-grandsons and their mamas at the wedding:
Andrea, Owen, Cooper, Leslie

Playing at the lake
Practicing "driving" at a rest stop on the way home
We had fun but we are looking forward to staying at home for a little while!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nine Months Old on the Fourth of July!

Cooper turned nine months old on Independence Day! The last month has been busy! In the middle of all of our summer fun, Cooper continues to grow and change! During our week in Mexico, two more teeth came in (the count is at 6 now), and he really started waving "hi" and "bye-bye". It was so cute; whenever we would wheel him in his stroller into the elevator at our hotel, he would see his reflection and wave at it! Cooper will also give kisses (more like open-mouthed, drooly attacks to the face) and give high-five! Really though, the cutest trick he has learned is drinking from a cup! While he rejected the sippy cup and could drink from a regular cup while I held it for him since he was 6 months old, he just started holding his own cup. I just put the cup down on his high chair tray one day to see what he would do. He instantly picked it up, drank from it, and set it back down! Since we praised him so heavily for it, now after he takes a drink he smiles widely and exclaims "Ah-Bah!" He knows he did a good job and he's proud of himself!
What we've been up to the last month...
Making new friends

Hitting the town in Puerto Vallarta (Cooper's first vacation)
At the beach with Uncle Clint
Happy 4th of July!!!