Friday, November 20, 2015

Just a Swingin'

We got a new playscape a few weeks back and we couldn't be enjoying it more!  Daddy and I got the area cleared and ready for it just in time to spend the cool fall evenings outside.  Here's to hoping for a mild winter so we can keep on enjoying it!

Penny in pink.
(Naturally, but note it isn't a dress...somebody has been branching out!)
Then there's THIS crazy kid!
We have a baby swing for this almost two-year-old,
but she likes to do what her big bro and sis are doing!

Friday, November 6, 2015


For us, October was defined by these moments, places, and faces!

Little Ellie LOVES school and is really coming into her own.  She can and will say just about anything and wants to be right in the middle of everything going this case, sidewalk chalk and hamming for the camera.
Penny, sidewalk chalk, and Violet Sparkle.
This budding artist LOVES to draw and color.  Just give her a medium.  The driveway is perfect!
Mom got to visit the fire station with both Cooper and Penny's classes.
Penny was Student of the Month!  (For the entirety of kindergarten, for the whole month!) Cooper  was a little bit jealous until we saw that he made the newspaper front page for his trip to the fire station.  
We had an early dismissal day that we spent in San Antonio with Ma-mas, Pa-Pa, and Uncle Clint. (Happy Birthday Ma-mas!) Of course we visited Brackenridge Park and rode the train.  We then took the three to a fancy restaurant for dinner and they were so good!  (That was a nail biter!)
Mom's birthday was rainy but it was perfect thanks to this view, family in town, ALL DAY football watching, hot soup, and gourmet cupcakes.
The pirate, the lion, and Sleeping Beauty.
This year for Halloween we enjoyed a visit from Nonnie!  She went with us to trick-or-treat and it was so much fun!