Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Ready to hunt for eggs.
On the hunt.

Cooper is concerned about ants on the eggs.

Dad and Coop continue the search.
Penny spots a purple egg.
It had a necklace inside!
Look what was in my egg Daddy!
Happy Easter from the family...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Potty Training by the Numbers

We love Penny's spunk, though it can be a challenge!

Pairs of "Big Girl" underwear, laundered countless times.

Squares on a potty progress chart.

Days of training, three of which we didn't leave the house, even to go outside.

Bags of candy to be used as rewards (or incentives, or bribes, or whatever you want to call them) including Mini-marshmallows, M&M's, and Gummy Bears.

Sets of sheets and waterproof pads, laundered countless times

Pink princess potty that Penny picked out herself.

Chance of going back to diapers...we did it!

Monday, March 18, 2013

A Look Back on St. Patrick's Day

 I just wanted to say we are still just as lucky as ever...since we have these two!

St. Patrick's Day 2013
St. Patrick's Day 2011

Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Break at the Lake

Even preschool has a spring break.  We had two goals for the week.  One, spend a relaxing weekend together as a family, and two, potty train Penny.  First goal, no problem. (The second goal may be pie in the sky, but, moving on...)  We took the kids to the  lake for an extended weekend of slow-paced family time.  We got to visit with Uncle Clint and some friends, shop, go for walks, feed the deer and throw rocks in the lake.  With only a few hiccups, namely, Ralph getting sprayed by a skunk on the FIRST night, we were able to do exactly what we set out to do: Relax and decompress.  Nobody wanted to go home when it was time!

Brass Pro Shops is one of our favorite stops when we are nearby...
The kids love the fish tank and Daddy and Mama can always find something to buy.
Ice cream break!  Penny said, "Look at my face!  I mess!"
Throwing rocks into the lake is Coop's favorite lake activity.
Ralph and Brewster had fun too...
(Poor Dooley didn't get to go.  We couldn't fit three dogs in the car so she had to stay with Ma-Mas)...
Old hat Ralph shows rookie Brewster a thing or two.
On our "dam" walk.
This shot wasn't as dangerous as it looks...
Happy Mama!
Backyard view.
More rock throwing... OK so we ALL like to throw rocks...

But Cooper shows the most joy in it...
We are back, ready and refreshed.  Now on to that pesky second goal for the week...

Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend at the Ranch

Over the weekend we enjoyed some time with friends at the Ranch.  The adults relaxed and the kids did just the opposite.  For some reason, riding the jeep, feeding the fish, running around everywhere, flying kites and just plain being outside never seems to get old.  Thank you Angela, Mark, Brandt and Carson for sharing the weekend with us!  We had such a fun time!
Cooper and Penny kill some time while we wait for our friends to arrive.
Penny was happy that SHE got to feed the fish by herself.
Brewster's first Ranch trip!  This little dog was so good!
He didn't try to run off and we could tell he was having a blast.
The kids watch the fish feeding frenzy.
Penny forges her own path (as usual).
Another shot of all four kids together...very difficult in photo land!
Coop and Carson check out the little tank.
Let's go fly a kite!
"Chillaxing" by the fire.
More jeep riding.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Go Texan! Day at School

...and the complexities of photographing two kids at once...