Tuesday, May 6, 2014

This is the Way We Start Our May

The school year is rapidly coming to an end.  Cooper's class got to go on a field trip on May 1st and had "Crazy Sock Day" the next day.  He is going through a "not cooperate for Mom and her camera" phase.
After "crazy sock day" we headed up to Houston to visit Nonnie and go to cousins' Brayden and Brycen's birthday parties.  Cooper LOVED the blow-up water slide, though in this picture he is still a little uncertain.
Penny chose not to go down the big slide, but had fun in the baby pool and the flooded yard that was created from the water slide at Aunt Amanda's house.

After a big day of watching Brayden play soccer, two birthday parties, and no naps, we were glad to get the kids back to Nonnie's for a quiet evening.  Ellie is teething!  She did not sleep well on Friday night or during the day on Saturday.  Luckily she did on Saturday night!
We are in the count down now!  22 days until summer!

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