Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Getting Ready to Roll (Outta Here!)

Over the weekend we spent a day pouring over our new house; checking things out, moving stuff in, and making plans.  Well, the parents did those things.  The kids mostly ran wild through an empty house and drove the parents crazy.  Their excitement couldn't be subdued and I spent a few moments thinking about what a big move must be like for them.  They are young and so this is just one big fun adventure for them.  They have none of the stress or strain for which I am grateful.  This is also a unique experience, as they will never be these tender ages and moving in to this house ever again.  

Our first day in our new house!

Look at my "house" Cooper!
They fell right at home in the new playroom...once we opened a few boxes for them.
This little one was a good sport all day long, letting Mama and Daddy work!
First lunch in the new house.
Penny tries out the porch swing.
We took a break to swim in the pool for the first time!

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