Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Little Events Over a Long Weekend

Who's playing in the rain at Nonnie's house?
For us, the summer ended in very much the same manner in which it began.  On Friday we traveled to Houston to be with Nonnie.  The kids were subjected to some typical (and much deserved after their long first week at school) grandparent spoilage and Mama and Daddy got some time to relax.  We were back home by Sunday evening, giving us some more family time.  On Monday our friends came over for dinner and to swim.  We all felt recharged and ready to start the following week!
It's Cooper!
The sprinkler, a puddle, and a truck make for one happy little girl.
Penny in the pool with no less than two floats, Mama's sunglasses, and her plush baby doll...
A cozy end to a long weekend.

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