Friday, August 31, 2012

First Week Back

On Monday the kids started back to preschool.  We were all a little nervous because of the change in routine AND because the kids are attending a new school.  From the very first day, Coop did great!  He has been in a school setting since he was eleven months old, so that was no big deal.  The big deal for him (and Mama) is that he is now attending five days a week, when before he never attended more than three.  He has expressed that he misses his friends from his old school and has asked to go to the "castle" school.  I have had to adjust to this, because as his Mama I naturally want to ease any discomfort for him.  Luckily he seems to like his teacher and he does already know one kid in his class.  Also, this kid just has a good attitude!

Coop, ready for school!
Then there is Penny.   This little girl, who is only two mind you, got off to a rocky start.  She has only known her teacher and class from her old school, and she cried every morning that I left her this week.  When I picked her up on Wednesday, her teacher said she did well, but that she cried for her baby a lot of the day.  THAT I could fix!  I sent Penny to school this morning with her favorite baby doll.  I was a little worried that it would get lost and we CANNOT lose that baby, but I doubted she would ever let her go.

When I called the kids to come get in the car to go to school, this is how Penny came to me.  I let her  go this  way, hoping that giving her a little control would help her through the day.

 Here's to looking forward to Labor Day Weekend and an even better second week!

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