Friday, September 28, 2012

Skippin' School...

Cooper is in school five days a week now.  While I think he likes his teacher and school in general, I noticed that perhaps he could use a break.  As we have two more years before he even goes to kindergarten, I hardly want him to burn out at school before then!  So yesterday we "skipped school" and spent the morning at the beach.  Really I ought to call it a "field trip" or "outside education" as I think the kids can learn a lot by being outside and exploring nature.  Plus, I miss my little buddy during the week!
Gingerly testing the water.
More confident...
Even more confident...good thing I brought swimsuits!
Penny said, "A shell! Oh my gosh!"
Sandcastles?  Pshaw! Must make train tracks in the sand when you go to the beach.
I love little feet in the sand!
Cooper in the "tunnel."

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