Friday, September 7, 2012

How to Help Kids Transition: Boots and Babies!

Cooper has expressed that he misses his old school and that he doesn't want to go to school.  Yesterday he decided he wanted to show his friends his boots.  While cowboy boots probably aren't the most practical  choice for an active almost-four-year-old, I let him wear them to school.  I wanted to encourage his confidence in making choices AND help engage him in forging friendships at school!  He came home happy and very proud of the shapes hat he made.  There was no mention of the old school or not going as we piled into the car this morning.  
The second week of school went decidedly smoother than the first week.  Penny cried less at drop-off, and I think that is mostly because she had her baby and blanket clutched under her arm for security.  Actually, she has barely let her baby doll out of her grasp all week, but  we are not fighting her on that.  She needs her baby right now, and that is ok!

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