Monday, June 1, 2009

Shark Baby

We just got Cooper's tummy  issues figured out and he starts sleeping better, when, BAM, another bout of teething hits!  The last few weeks have been a trial...Mom and Dad are TIRED! On Friday, thankfully, I noticed that Cooper's left top front tooth has cut the gum and the right front tooth is about to!  Yea!  Poor little guy  has been teething on everything he can get his mouth on, and that especially includes non-toy items.  The edge of the couch, well, the edge of anything really, can and will fall prey to the shark baby we have circling our house.   Nothing pleases Mr. Jaws-Baby more than crawling speedily toward a new object and gumming down on it!  We thought for a while we were going to have to buy him all new toys...b/c he seems bored with a lot of them...until we realized that he loves to play with such ordinary things we already have...Paper towel rolls, pots and pans, plastic and wooden spoons, tupperware, coasters, etc.

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A Journey For Life said...

And we have no teeth yet, oh and can't wait to go through it ;)
Yes they do love things that are not their's, please explain!