Sunday, June 28, 2009

Senor Cooper en Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

We just got back from Cooper's first real vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! Cooper is an excellent traveler and we didn't have any major problems with him throughout the week we were away from home! He enjoyed the plane ride, slept better in the hotel room than he does at home, and really seemed to have fun! He was teething of course (because he is ALWAYS teething) so we had one day where he was particularly fussy, but it wasn't bad. (I will note that his top front FOUR teeth have all cut the gums!) He had so much fun swimming in the pool, taking walks around the resort and on the beach, and keeping Mom and Dad hopping as he explored the non-babyproofed hotel room.
Mom and Dad and our friends even got to enjoy adult time...Cooper managed to fall asleep at dinner and stay asleep in the stroller through most of our dinners! Dad and the guys went fishing one morning, and the next day Mom and the girls were treated to loooooong massages. (90 minutes for $50...I LOVE Mexico!) We then met the guys and Cooper for lunch, ending that particular episode of "Three Men and a Baby". Our friends were even gracious enough to babysit, allowing Mom and Dad to have "date night". We had dinner, got ice cream cones and took a walk, then couldn't stand it anymore and went to join the group with our baby! Everyone exclaimed, "It's only been two hours!"...but we just didn't know what else to do with ourselves without little Cooper!
Overall, it was a GREAT vacation! The weather wasn't always desirable, as in, it rained EVERY DAY in the late afternoon, but we still managed to have a great time. We didn't get to do all the things we wanted because of the rain, and because we didn't stay long enough! Oh well, next vacation we will know that Cooper can handle more than 6 days!
Some pictures from our trip!
Dad and Cooper on the plane:
Cool hotel room guys! Room nothing! More like a three-room suite complete with full kitchen and HUGE tub! Made life easier as far as formula and baby food were concerned, and Cooper had fun at bath time.
Balcony view...they were "renovating" the hotel building next to ours...i.e. it had been bulldozed! Either lost in translation, or they just wouldn't admit it that it had to be torn down!! Either way, everyone that worked on the resort kept saying "closed for renovations." We were supposed to stay there, but got bumped into the one in which we stayed...UPGRADE!!! We LOVE Mexico!
Resort grounds view...awesome, HUGE pools, wave pool, and lazy river...oh yeah, and the swim-up bars were fabulous!
Dad and Cooper swimming!
Having a snack poolside...
Beach view...water not that impressive, but the mountains were awesome!
Dad took a picture of this sign during our outing into the town of Puerto Vallarta...did I mention how much we LOVE Mexico???
Mom and Cooper at dinner...the one night he didn't sleep through it!
Hey mister! I know you are having fun, but it is bedtime! Get some jammies on!
(Yes, the kid has a tan...I SWEAR I kept him slathered up with 50 sunscreen, shirt, hat...AND took him inside for a nap EVERY afternoon during the hottest part of the day for at least two hours, AND kept him in the shade as much as possible...yet the tan persisted.)

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What an amazing first vacation for Cooper!!