Wednesday, June 3, 2009

8 Months Old!

On Thursday Cooper turned 8 months old!  He has spent the last month fine-tuning his 7 month skills. Not only is he crawling, but he is FAST!  I can barely turn my head and he has zipped across the room.  Not only is he pulling himself up against furniture, but he is starting to "walk" along it while holding on.  He can even briefly let go while standing if he is in the process of switching from one piece of furniture to another.  He still loves to observe everything that comes in his sight, but now he has the ability to crawl over to it and study it closer.  I am fascinated by his wonder of the world...I feel like I could sit and watch him play for hours.  Other things that make Cooper different from a month ago include holding his arms out for you to pick him up,  trying to feed himself (though we can't give him finger foods quite yet...tummy issues), waving bye-bye, and a BUNCH of teeth coming in.  I thought the other day that his top two front teeth were coming in...they are, but so are two more!  In a few weeks, he will have at least six teeth!
The other night we marked Cooper turning 8 months by me relenting to let David cut his hair...I was philosophically opposed to cutting such a young baby's hair, but it was falling in his eyes and he was starting to look like the youngest kid from "Eight is Enough." (David's description, not mine.)  I think Cooper looks even cuter, even though he now looks a little older, which makes me sad!

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A Journey For Life said...

Truly amazing! We are at the fun age of watching our babes learn about the world around them.