Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend and the Start of SUMMER!

Hooray for the beginning of summer!  We have been looking forward to the season of the beach, the pool, flip-flops, traveling, sunscreen, fruity drinks, and the like for a while now.  This summer is especially important for us because it is our first summer with COOPER!  We kicked off the season by spending Memorial Day weekend at Canyon Lake.  The lake is really low right now, and practically by the time we had treked all the way down to it, it started to rain!  So Cooper got to experience lake swimming for about 5 minutes.  That was after we had spent at least 20 minutes getting a baby prepared for the sun...sunscreen, swimsuit, swimming shirt, and hat.  Oh well...the rest of the summer holds some pretty terrific things for us.  We are doing a LOT!  We are TRAVELING a LOT!  The next two months will be filled with a few weddings, a family reunion, typical Fourth of July festivities, and excitingly, a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!  When we aren't in the middle of any of that, we plan on making some trips to the beach and getting our new great room in our house DONE! 
Playing at the lake:
DAD!  I want to go swimming!

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