Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nine Months Old on the Fourth of July!

Cooper turned nine months old on Independence Day! The last month has been busy! In the middle of all of our summer fun, Cooper continues to grow and change! During our week in Mexico, two more teeth came in (the count is at 6 now), and he really started waving "hi" and "bye-bye". It was so cute; whenever we would wheel him in his stroller into the elevator at our hotel, he would see his reflection and wave at it! Cooper will also give kisses (more like open-mouthed, drooly attacks to the face) and give high-five! Really though, the cutest trick he has learned is drinking from a cup! While he rejected the sippy cup and could drink from a regular cup while I held it for him since he was 6 months old, he just started holding his own cup. I just put the cup down on his high chair tray one day to see what he would do. He instantly picked it up, drank from it, and set it back down! Since we praised him so heavily for it, now after he takes a drink he smiles widely and exclaims "Ah-Bah!" He knows he did a good job and he's proud of himself!
What we've been up to the last month...
Making new friends

Hitting the town in Puerto Vallarta (Cooper's first vacation)
At the beach with Uncle Clint
Happy 4th of July!!!

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