Thursday, March 26, 2015

Viva Las Vegas!

For the second half of spring break, we did something we hadn't done in a while and not once since Ellie was born...we went away without the kids!  Ma-mas came to stay with the kids for two nights and three days so the parents could visit Las Vegas! (Neither of us had experienced it as adults before.)  We met some long-time good friends of ours there and had so much fun!  We walked the Strip many, many times, gambled just a little, ate and drank quite a bit, and saw a Cirque Du Soleil show.  We explored Fremont Street and enjoyed our hotel.  We brought home a pink piggy bank for Penny, a mini Statue of Liberty for Cooper, and funny stories of general Las Vegas craziness. (The $300.00 steak, "You Gotta Have Faith", the mohawk guy, and the like.) I hope we get to make the adult getaway an annual thing!
The Strip through our hotel room window.
We arrived in Vegas at 6:30 a.m!  We couldn't check in and our friends hadn't arrived yet.  What else were we to do?
Truly I'm not much of a gambler, but I did enjoy the experience.  My big winnings for the weekend...
Komodo dragon at the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef.  Took this guy's picture because he looked like he was smiling.
We visited Fremont Street, or "the old strip."  Very cool and seemingly more authentic than the strip.  (We weren't impressed that you could eat at a Chili's or an Outback on the strip.)
Picture sent to me via Ma-Mas on our first morning away.  We had a blast and came back relaxed and refreshed...but we missed these faces terribly!  I think they had fun...we came home to painted rocks, new dry-erase board drawings, and homemade cake with sprinkles.  (We chose Spring break to leave the kids because we thought it would be easier on Ma-mas if she didn't have to worry about getting three kids to school, dance class, soccer practice, etc. and got to just chill out at home.  They stayed busy though!)

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