Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring Break 2015!

We had a fabulous spring break!  Even though the week started out with less than spring like weather, we made the most of every day.  We got to sleep in (a.k.a. we were awake but we didn't have to rush off to be anywhere), NOT do homework or be on a schedule.  It was glorious, but now we are all yearning for summer!  (11 more weeks of school to go!)

First up, we spent the weekend at the lake house, which was fun since it had been a VERY long time since we had done that.  On Saturday we made the drive to Austin for a friend's birthday party at  Chuck E. Cheese.  All the kids had fun even if Penny was wary of the pizza (rightly so) and "that mouse."  The other notable thing of the trip was that Cooper very sweetly let Penny use most of their game tickets to buy a princess figurine.  All he wanted was some Nerds candy.  (Have I ever mentioned how much I adore that boy??)
On Monday the kids and I braved the awful rainy weather to see a movie.  We saw Paddington, which was really cute.  The real victory was all THREE kids were as good as gold.  Ok so I didn't get a picture of this day...I was lugging a squirmy baby, a purse full of stowaway water bottles and baby snacks, and an umbrella, and shepherding two kids out of the rain and into the movie theatre.  Yet I didn't "have my hands full."  We were just in the moment and it was awesome!
Tuesday was the BEST day! We finally gave in to Cooper's pleading and went to Fiesta Texas!  Cooper was scared of all the rides at first, but once we talked him into riding one that had a big drop, he was hooked.  He then proceeded to ride every ride he wanted twice.  First with Daddy, then with Mama.  
Penny was very particular about what she would ride, but I know this girl had fun too.  We rode the carousel twice just for her and got her some ice cream dippin' dots.  Plus she was wearing a pink dress that day so all was right in the world.
Little Ellie didn't get to ride much but was such a good sport.  She even took an hour nap in the stroller!  Here she is having her first experience with dippin' dots.  
Super Penny!  At the end of the day, we divided and conquered...Daddy and Cooper went to ride the train (again) and Penny, Ellie, and Mama went to find something else to do.  Penny finally decided to ride the airplane ride, but couldn't because she was too little!  Luckily I was able to smooth over her disappointment by spotting a "every player wins a prize" booth.  You mean I pay $5.00 and my kid is guaranteed a pink super hero cape?  Done and done!

And that in a nutshell was the first half of Spring Break.  For the second half, Ma-Mas came to town and stayed with the kids for two nights so Mama and Daddy could enjoy a long-awaited getaway.  That is a whole other post.  Happy Spring everyone!

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