Tuesday, March 24, 2015

15 Months Old!

In just a few months our little baby Ellie has transformed into a toddler!  In January she started walking...and I mean walking!  In just one weekend she went from having taken a few tentative steps to almost running all over the house.  By February she was walking all over house with some kind of toy in hand and opening all the cabinet doors.  Now she has figured out that she LOVES to be outside and would spend an hour or more walking up and down the driveway if I let her.  She has really reached that "fun" age where constant movement, playing, and discovery are the name of the game.  Some other facts about our big girl are:
  • She weighs 21.7 lbs and is 30.25 inches long.  She had a well-baby checkup this morning and received three shots.  Her health and development are good but she did not enjoy the visit.  As soon as we started to take her clothes off she started screaming!  I guess she's old enough now to remember her last visit and how it wasn't fun! Poor baby! 
  • She sleeps very well and on a consistent schedule.  She has dropped from two naps to one, but it's a good one!  A lot of the time I have to wake her after two and half to three hours so we can go pick up her brother and sister from school!
  • She eats well...when you feed her her favorite foods!  She loves yogurt, eggs, bacon, applesauce, any kind of cracker, toast, chicken nuggets, raw carrots, celery, cucumber, apples and french fries.  Mama is constantly giving her new foods to try and sometimes she eats them but mostly she feeds them to the dog.  We just keep on trying though.  Surprising to Mama is her unwillingness to eat what I thought were baby staples like pasta and most fruits.  Luckily she has decided she likes baby food that comes in a pouch so we are able to get some vegetables down her!
  • Ellie still loves to drink from a straw but tolerates a spouted sippy cup too.  She enjoys water, drinkable yogurt, and almond milk. (Can't tolerate cow's milk, just like her siblings couldn't at this age.)
  • Ellie loves to baby-jabber all day while playing.  She loves to point at things and say "ah?" as if to ask what it is.  She has learned to do this when she sees something she wants.  She likes to say "ball" and "an" (fan).  She can point to Daddy, Mama, Cooper, Penny, and Brewster when you ask her too but really doesn't see the need in naming us.
  • She can find her nose, ears, belly button, and feet. 
  • Ellie likes to dance!  She will not only bust into her moves when she hears music, she seems really intrigued when we watch Penny dance at her class.  We can say, "Do the chip (or whatever snack we are holding) dance!" and she will!
  • Ellie loves to be outside and goes crazy when she sees the chickens!  When it is time to go back inside, she throws a fit! 
  • The art of throwing a fit is still being perfected, but she is well on her way!  She has figured out how to throw herself on the floor in such a way that gets her point across but doesn't hurt. (We are wondering if she is going to fall into big sister's footsteps and start the "terrible" twos early.)

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