Friday, March 28, 2014

March Notes

Just a few notes I wanted to record now that March is nearly over:

A funny thing Cooper said this week:  

Coop was pretending that David was working at Starbucks from whom he ordered coffee and cake pops.  Then Cooper told me it was my turn.  I said, "So it's my turn to be the barista?"  Cooper replied, "Yes, and Daddy is the baris-man."
The twins...
A funny thing Penny did this week:

This morning as I nursed Ellie, Penny sat on the couch next to me and nursed and burped her beloved baby doll, complete with lifted shirt and all. Afterwards the exclaimed, "Ellie!  That was a big burp!" (Her baby doll used to be named "pink baby" but her name has been changed to Ellie.)
Isn't she lovely?
A funny thing Ellie did this week:

She rolled over!  (For the first time!) Then she proceeded to get mad because she was on her stomach and couldn't get back!

Ellie on her SECOND visit to Chuck E. Cheese...guess that is part of the gig of being a baby that runs around with preschoolers.

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