Monday, March 3, 2014

Life Between Cold Fronts

After weeks and weeks of cold and wet weather, we experienced nearly two weeks of some warmth!  It was such a relief to get our stir-crazy selves OUTSIDE, and we knew we should take advantage before the weather got bad again.

Cooper and Daddy run off some stir-crazies.
Daddy's office building had an electrical fire, so he has had to work from home for several weeks.  Cooper and Penny LOVED him being home so much.
Ellie likes to go for walks in the stroller! (As long as you don't stop.)
Kids and dogs all enjoyed some lake time.
We even got some pool time!
No one was more thrilled for pool time than Cooper!
And just for fun...bare baby feet!
And just like that, it's cold again!  Here's to a Texas winter...may the weather switch back in a day, or better yet, make way for Spring instead!

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