Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Past the Month-To-Go Mark and Still Going

August can be kind of a yucky month.  For one, it's HOT and by now the heat has long lost its charm.  While we have enjoyed the carefree days of summer, this Mama can't help but long just a little bit for the cooler, more structured days of fall.  Once the kids' school and soccer start against the backdrop of  Aggie football and getting ready for the new baby (We find out if it's a boy or girl this coming Monday!), we will find ourselves with plenty to do.  But with less than a month of summer to go, we want to be sure and squeeze in as much free-spirited fun as possible.  Through our final summer month we plan to visit our usual spots for weekday fun including the museum, the aquarium, and the library.  Mama and Daddy have a trip BY THEMSELVES planned, and we hope to get up to the lake one more time.  We aren't going to slow it down as we cruise on in to the first week of school and Penny's birthday!
Cooper at one of our usual summer haunts, the museum.
Cooper and Penny take a morning dip at the lake.
I just love this little contemplative face!
Cooper gets up close and personal with the seahorses.  
Penny surprised me by enjoying the splash pad at the aquarium for almost as long as Cooper.  She is usually "over it" after about 15 minutes before she wants her towel and a snack.
This guy, however, could go all day!

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