Thursday, August 15, 2013

Counting Down

With just over a week of summer to go, it feels like we have just been hanging out and counting down.  We have so much coming up it is an actual effort to stay "slowed down" and in the moment.  That is all in the minds of the parents of the house, however.  Cooper and Penny are always "in the moment!"
In the moment on a random weekday morning.  Mama was ironing, the kids were playing in their living room tent and "painting" themselves with pretend brushes.  Cooper wanted me to take a picture of them as "all pink" Cooper and "all purple" Penny.  
On another random weekday morning, we had a visit from the little blue crab.
I FINALLY put together enough moments this week to finish my very first baby blanket. Hopefully the receiver is too busy at home with a newborn (Welcome baby girl Batey!!) to read my blog before I get a chance to give it to her!
And in case you missed it, what we are really waiting for!  Our new baby GIRL will be here in December/January!

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