Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School

Hooray for the first day of school!  After a really fun and carefree summer, Mama was super excited for the school year to begin.  Cooper was a little apprehensive but shed no tears.  He didn't really want me to leave but took his spot like a big kid on the carpet for circle time.  Penny was ready!  She kept saying all morning, "I want to go to the yellow room...I'm big!"  She is indeed.  Penny was such a big girl as she proudly found her cubby and placed her things in it.  Penny is in the 3-year-old class this year and will attend three days a week.  Cooper is in prekindergarten (Can you BELIEVE it??)and will attend five days a week.  Again, hooray for the first day of school!!

Goofing off instead of letting Mama get a picture!

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