Monday, August 6, 2012

Cousins...Automatic and Lifelong Friends

I feel that having friends in you early years helps to not only shape who you become, but just simply makes childhood richer and more fulfilling.  We are one lucky little family to have some built-in friends.  Over the last few days, we had the joy of watching our kids interact with some special friends they have always, and will always, have.  Starting on Thursday, we had a COUSIN INVASION, part two...
On Thursday morning while Coop was at Space Camp, Charley came over to swim and play with Penny!
On Friday night, Brayden, Brianna, and Brycen came to visit us for the weekend!   We had fun on the boat and at the ski basin.  Here is Brayden and Brianna swimming at the ski basin.
Nothing goes together better like cousins and trains!  All five kids played at the train table  quite a bit without one single  squabble!
I particularly enjoyed watching these two...Penny had so much fun  having someone to just be a girl with.  

Brianna was such a sweet and patient mini-mama to Penny, it really  made my weekend.

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