Tuesday, July 31, 2012

All This and a Month to Go

Today's date is July 31st.  This signifies two things.  One, the summer is two-thirds over and we only have one third of our first, last, and only two-four summer to go.  (Two-four as in Penny is nearly two and Cooper is nearly four.)  Today's date also means I only have one month to complete the rest of our summer activities and projects before the craziness of fall sets in, and only one month to figure out how we are going to celebrate Penny's 2nd birthday on August 27th.  (This date is also the first day of school.)  The last two months have been pleasantly busy, with the kids attending various day camps, me working part time, swim lessons, out of town trips, trips to the aquarium and mall (has a play area that is air-conditioned), and miscellaneous projects around the house.  
Original artwork by Cooper...completed at various day camps which included Cooking Camp, Art Camp, Drama Camp, All about Egypt and All about Mexico.  I think this last week, Space Camp, is going to be his favorite, though he was SUPER proud of the cake he made and his chef's hat from Cooking Camp.  (Though something tells me they won't hold a candle to the rocket ship he got to help build yesterday.)
Summer of course means lots of swimming!  Penny did great getting comfortable with the water and learning some basics.  I have TWO water babies!

Mama did a few things too!  I completed a few sewing projects, namely a dress for Penny and changing pad covers (see cute fabric above) for  our friends' new baby (He's here!  Hooray!!).  I also FINALLY finished painting that sun room ceiling, re-framed some old art for David's office, and organized my home office.  (No there are no "before" pictures...it was too embarrassing before!)  We have also found a resurgence in our zeal to paint the outside of our house, though that project will carry us long into the fall.
This is the last week of day camp, so next week we largely go back to me being a full-time mom until preschool begins again.  I have four short weeks to enjoy, learn, and explore with my two favorite companions.  We plan on a visit from our cousins, a trip to the museum, another trip or two to the aquarium, and just plain winding down at home, doing what we do:  swim, play with our trains, read stories, sculpt play-doh, run around outside, and watch our fave shows (Thomas and Friends, Dora, The Rubber-dubbers, Spot, and Finding Nemo).  
Oh yeah, and string beads.  Both kids LOVE to string pony beads onto pipe cleaners...it keeps them busy for an hour or more!  In the meantime, I'll be working some, momming around, painting, planning birthday parties, back-to-school prep, and sewing some more.
A project in waiting...got this fabric on sale for super cheap...it is screaming to be made into something for a sweet almost-two-year-old I know.
Another project in waiting...new cloth napkins.
August is going to rock!

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