Thursday, March 8, 2012

Where the Time Goes

 Recently I posted that Penny is now 18 months old and I marveled that time seems to just be slipping away.  Where does the time go? Lately, when I am not working or fully engaged as a mom,  I have been diligent about tackling my "To-Do" List for 2012, which  is my version of a new year's resolution.  This is filling in the few time slots I get to myself when the kids are entertaining themselves without any skirmishes (very rare) or asleep (less rare than when they were younger, thank goodness!). This includes various projects around the house, my learning to sew, and entertaining other interests of mine such as reading, writing, and cooking.  Here are a few things I can point to right now when I think, "Where has the time gone?"

I completed sewing project #2!  I made couch pillows to compliment the "coastal" theme we are striving for in our home.  The same weekend I did that, David hung the over-sized sand dollar I had been coveting on Pinterest for months.  
I love to try out new recipes, and I have a "system" for doing so. (That is not shocking to those that know me.)  Anyway, I have two categories for recipes that I try:  YUM!, I'll laminate this one, or DOESN'T WORK, and in the trash it goes.  Brutal, yes, but very effective.  This is one of the recipes that worked...Slow roasted tomato me for the recipe, its flavorful...and healthy!
This Eggplant Parmesan, though beautiful, went into the "trashed" category.  It was very labor  intensive but was a little bland...I can do better...I HAVE done better.  (Don't email me for this recipe...I don't have it anymore, I truly threw it right in the trash when I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner.)
I love a good mom and I attended a Children's bargain basement sale recently and we scored this duplo table for a VERY reasonable you can see, it was a big hit with Cooper...and Daddy.  We also found a big bag full of vintage Fisher Price Little People for only $5...and that was a big hit with both kids!  Sidenote:  See that really cute old children's desk in the corner there?  My good friend Becky gave us that and we love it!  I love when old stuff can be incorporated into a home...just saying.

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