Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Learning to Sew: First Big Project Done!

I have wanted to hang curtains in Cooper's room for two years, since we first moved in, but as it happened, life happened, and it was one of those projects that just didn't materialize.  As I have now completed three sewing projects on my own, I felt I was ready for prime time.

Then Nonnie (David's mom) was here over the weekend and more than willing to teach me a few sewing tricks and help me tackle a big project.  She brought with her lots of sewing tools and lots of knowledge and we set to work on Saturday morning searching via internet, planning and measuring to create the perfect curtain panels that would complement the sailing/nautical theme in Cooper's room.

I found this cool panel at Pottery Barn Kids...

The navy and white stripes reminded us of ship's flags, and those colors are found everywhere already in the room.  Cooper already has shipping flags that spell out his name over his bed, so we knew these panels would really tie in.  We decided against the beige stripe and grommets at the top, choosing instead to have equally wide blue and white stripes and to hang them via ring clips.  Then we opted to hang them right under the ceiling, as opposed to right over the window, for a more dramatic look. 

So from floor to ceiling, and accounting for seam allowances, three inch hems at the bottom and two inch hems at the top, this made for some loooong curtain panels and a lot of fabric!  Each panel, before being hung and hemmed would measure 98 and a half inches!  We encountered some technical difficulties, to say the least.  Getting each stripe (5 stripes per panel) to end up the same width AND match the opposite panel took A LOT of planning and measuring, and remeasuring.  Then there was a little discourse on curtain rod color and where exactly to hang it.  More than once David suggested it would be easier to just buy the curtains.  (I will post later on the lessons I learned while doing this project.)

My mind was already made up, however, and we were going to complete this project.  I wanted the satisfaction of completing the project, and I DID NOT want to pay Pottery Barn prices...so we pressed on.  Last night after supper,  the finish line was in sight...I had about 18 inches or so left on the bottom hem of the second panel to stitch when the bobbin ran out of thread and I had to rewind it.  FINALLY the last stitch was made.  Exhausted, I switched hats and opted to get the kids in the bath while David and his mom hung the final product...and WOW!  I think we accomplished what we set out to accomplish...What do you think? (Please forgive the bad photography...)

 THANK YOU AGAIN NONNIE!  I couldn't have done it with out you!

How did we do economically?  Well, had I taken the PB Kids route, two curtain panels would have cost me $180 plus shipping.  I spent $48 on fabric and thread to create these panels.  Not bad!  

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Linda Kirk said...

You're welcome, sweetheart. As I mentioned, lot's of head scratching and setbacks but not one cross word or attitude! LOL Amazing what two women can accomplish!