Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blogger is ANNOYING!

Please excuse how the previous two blogs look...blogger is a terrible program that has a bunk preview function. While in preview mode my postings look good, as in, the picture descriptions are next to the pictures they are describing. When I go to post, that is not the case. I have already wasted too much of Cooper's nap time to try and figure out how and why this is happening to my posts all of a sudden.
(Ok I vented, and I feel better.)


A Journey For Life said...

I understand your frustration!! It is very annoying!!
But ya'll look great and super happy in your photos!! Miss ya and Mr. Cooper!

Mike & Jen said...

Hilarious! When I do the posting they never look like what they do when I'm creating them. I gave up a LONG time ago. At least your's has looked the same for this long. Join the club! hehehehe!