Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cooper and the Super Bowl

On Sunday Cooper watched his first Super bowl. He had refused to take a nap earlier in the day and REALLY needed one by the time we got to our friend's house to watch the game. Even though he was super tired, he still tried to stay awake. I think he is afraid he is going to miss something. Even a walk in the stroller wouldn't put him to sleep. Finally, Grandma was able to put him down after rocking and stroking his head for a very long time. I asked her if she could come to our house every evening, say about nine o'clock? Of course, Cooper didn't stay down long and he was up by the 3rd quarter. We conceded to let him watch the game! By the 4th quarter, sitting with Dad proved to be too comfortable and he drifted into dreamland just in time to miss the Steeler's winning touchdown. (And no, he is no longer sleeping through the night.)

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