Monday, December 22, 2008

Lake Weekend

This weekend the three of us went to the lake house so David could try and sell his boat and to attend my cousin's engagement party. We really enjoyed our quiet, relaxing weekend. Cooper decided to give us a little more insight into his personality. We had fun watching him respond to us with more and bigger smiles and new sounds that I think are standing in until he figures out how to make that laugh-out-loud sound we are dying to hear. We felt overwhelmingly blessed to have Cooper because he is such a good baby! We was in a perpetual good mood almost the entire weekend, and he took almost a two hour nap early Sunday morning, so Mom and Dad got to feel like real people for awhile as we enjoyed our quiet cups of coffee. He barely fussed, even on the way home...sleeping off the entire trip. He must be growing! Here are some pictures from the weekend:
Saturday Night bath!
Drooling over boats in a catalog...Coop was NOT the only one!
Sleeping in Sunday morning.

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