Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good sleep, cute feet, and Aggies!

This weekend we took Cooper to College Station for the first time. Our good friend (and Cooper's middle namesake) James was graduating from A&M and we were eager to share in the celebration. We were a little apprehensive about having Cooper in the car for over four hours (since he eats every two to three hours during the day) and about having him sleep in two different places. (First at Christie and James's house and then the lakehouse on Saturday night.) We were extremely pleased at how well he did. We only had to stop once on the way to College Station and he seemed to enjoy the car ride. He slept through most of the graduation ceremony, and stayed asleep for a total of five and a half hours. After his middle of the night feeding, he slept another five hours. While Cooper will OCCASIONALLY sleep one interval for that long, he has NEVER done two in the same night! He also did well on Saturday night. I felt sorry for the poor little guy...he had been in the car seat over 12 hours in one weekend and was a little fussy in the car on Sunday. One plus to all that time in the car seat...we think he may have discovered his feet! He has been staring at his feet while he moves them ever since we got home. I'm so glad...he has some CUTE feet! Anyway, some pictures from the weekend:
Aunt Christie and Uncle James
Cooper, a little overwhelmed by an Aggie graduation.

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Paul, Marcia, and Hunter said...

He looks so cute in his A&M shirt! I looked for one for Hunter a while back and could not find one that cute and that small. Glad he enjoyed CS!