Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ten Months Old!

New this month for Ellie:

  • weighs 18.4 lbs and is 27 and a half inches long.  
  • suffered her first illness!  Poor baby had a viral respiratory infection (had to use a nebulizer and everything!) followed by an ear infection that she is still getting over.  
  • is sleeping through the night!  For weeks  we had fallen into a pattern of her waking up every 1 to 3 hours every night.  We were beside ourselves.  Then we figured out that her acid reflux had flared up, probably because of all the different foods she has been trying.  Reflux means she needs to be upright, so back to the car seat to sleep she goes.  We are all feeling much better now that we are sleeping!
  • now has six teeth, all on the bottom.  Thankfully the teething has quit for now, since we had to endure an illness!
  • crawls and pulls up on furniture!  Just days after she turned 9 months old, Ellie turned her scooting into crawling.  Now she is FAST!  We have to work to keep her out of the playroom where all the big kids' legos are. 
  • has gotten really vocal!  She loves to growl and sort of yell "AAAHHH" and babble "ra" "mamama" "bababa" and "wawawa" to name a few.
  • has turned into such a little stinker!  She gets an ornery look on her face whenever she pulls books off the shelf or pulls paper out of a trash can and she loves to shake her head "no."
  • Ellie has been to the ranch and met lots of new people.  Our family has been meeting lots of our neighbors lately.  She also accompanies Mom EVERYWHERE, has been to all her siblings' soccer games, and even went to a carnival fundraiser for Cooper's school.
Ellie follows a Kirk kid tradition by playing trains on the ranch cabin porch.
Poor baby got sick for the very first time.  She stayed true to herself though and didn't really fuss too much.  Such a trooper!

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