Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cooper is Six!

This past Saturday was a BIG day for us.  Cooper turned six! I can barely wrap my head around the idea that we became parents that long ago! This is one cool kid we have on our hands.  Cooper is still the sweet and sensitive easy-going dude he has always been.  He is always having fun and almost always happy!  We enjoy his eagerness and joy that he approaches life with because it is so contagious!  

Big changes have occurred for Coop in the last year.  He is now in kindergarten, which sort of marked a passage out of baby/toddler/preschooler-hood into running with the big kids.  This feels so epic!  He is adjusting well to the new town, new school, and new routine, even if he is still really tired from all the change.  He likes school, but doesn't enjoy waking up early!  We are excited with all that he is going to learn this year and he is too!  

Cooper's favorite two things in the world right now are Legos and Daddy...he loves building things, especially if Daddy is there to help him.  While he still has a special place in his heart for Mama, Daddy has become the hero of his world.  He is always asking for Daddy to pick him up from school, sit by him, sleep in his bunk bed with him, play with him, etc.  (Daddy of course is in heaven.)  One of the biggest reminders that we don't have a little boy anymore still sits in the playroom.  For YEARS Cooper loved nothing more than he loved Thomas the Train.  Now our train tables sit empty and unplayed on most of the time.  It is still strange that something that dominated our time and thoughts is now no longer.  Legos it is! 

We celebrated Coop's birthday all weekend long!  On Friday Cooper and Mama had lunch together at his school and he shared cupcakes with his class at recess.  On Saturday after the kids' soccer games, we met Ma-Mas, Pa-Pa, Steve, Mary and the Naisers (!!!) at Random Beer Garden.  The adults got to watch Aggie football and the kids played and played on the bounce houses.  On Saturday night we went to dinner with Ma-Mas, Pa-Pa, Uncle Clint, and friends in downtown San Antonio.  We stayed the night in a hotel, which Cooper loved!  Finally, to top off the weekend, our friends the Naisers stopped by for dinner on Sunday evening.  It was so fun to be with our friends again! Cooper got several Lego sets, clothes, Aggie gear, a cool truck flashlight and binoculars for his birthday. He was one happy guy!
Lunch at school!  Cooper was thrilled to have me there to help him figure out how to get his treat on ice cream Fridays.  (Kindergarten is complicated!)
Cooper, Penny, and Carson check out the birthday cake.
(This was the first time EVER Mama has bought a cake for a kid's birthday...with soccer games, soccer team pictures, friends and family in town, and just plain having three kids, something had to be simplified.  Coop wasn't disappointed...there were Legos on top!)
Cooper politely accepts one of his presents from Ma-Mas and Pa-Pa.  
Cooper, Penny, and the Naisers have fun at Random...the kids love this place, aka "kid football."
It was great to see two buds together again.  Cooper's day was made by getting to see his friends!

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