Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Wilds of Home

As we settle into our new habitat, we are having fun learning about some of the creatures we share it with.  One particular morning all we had to do was go out on the front porch for a quick entomology lesson.  Cooper is happy to identify walking sticks, praying mantises (manti?), daddy-long-legs, scorpions (shudder), ladybugs, a "big horned beetle,"  ants, and spiders. While some of the creatures I could do without (uh, black widow spider, scorpion) I appreciate the easy opportunity to teach the kids about nature!  As Pa-Pa said on his visit, "You can wear out a lot of boots living in a place like this."
An armadillo under the propane tank!
Our front porch is a popular hang out for all kinds of creepy-crawlies.  Here is the first Rhinoceros Beetle I have ever seen in person.  
BIG walking stick.  
The previous owners of our home left a deer feeder.  All we had to do was provide the corn and the deer show up in the early morning and evening.
We have seen tons of lizards, big and small.  For awhile a big alligator lizard lived by the front porch.  Cooper named her Lily.
A sleeping bear.  Its exhausting trying to skip your nap and sneak back from your brother's room...

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