Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Into the New Year

With the weather turning cold (and staying that way) and a new baby at home, we have been somewhat homebound for the last few weeks.  We had a wonderful holiday, even as we adjusted to life as a family of five.  This week we started back into our new rhythm of work, school, and now a newborn routine.  Thankfully Nonnie came on New Year's Day to help us make the transition.  And thankfully Ellie is SUCH a good baby!  I am happy to report that she is sleeping and eating well, gaining weight, and seemingly putting herself on a schedule!  And while on the subject of being thankful, THANKFULLY Cooper and Penny are loving their new baby sister!  We have had some really sweet moments of each one of them holding and loving on "Baby Ellie." While the last few weeks have been rather low-key, there have been some highlights:
Ellie turned two weeks old!
We even made a trip up to the lake for a weekend! It felt great to be in a new environment for a weekend.
All the kids are REALLY enjoying having Nonnie with us right now!
Mostly though we are staying warm and hunkered down.  Thank goodness for all our Christmas presents to keep us busy!

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