Thursday, January 16, 2014

First of the Year Firsts

Ellie's first bath!  I was happy that Ellie seemed to enjoy her first bath.  She only got upset when I took her out of the Cooper keeps reminding me, "Babies don't like to be naked!"
This big guy lost his first tooth!  We were having lunch at the mall when it happened, and he didn't mention it until later...we retraced our steps (at the mall!)  looking for it, but alas it was gone.  I helped him write the Tooth Fairy a note, asking nicely for her to bring him a prize anyway.  She did!  The Tooth Fairy left Cooper four "gold" one dollar coins.  He was so proud!
Penny has started "helping" me with Ellie.  When I sit in the nursery to rock and pat Ellie to sleep, Penny sits in the chair with us and rocks and pats her pig pillow.

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